Moving House !!!!!

OK,  well, things are rather crazy here at a life less ordinary – being that I received a phone call Wednesday informing me that a house I had bidded on in February and thought I hadn’t got, was actually available!

Did I want to view Thursday ? If I want it tenancy starts Monday! !!!

We have to move,  we ve been on the transfer list for a year and the two kids sharing a room just doesn’t work – Active Girl is 11 and needs privacy and the Foo s adhd means he struggles sleeping – plus I m fed up with all their toys taking up my living room!

So Thursday we viewed a three bedroom house not far from where we currently are , I ll admit it needs a lot of work but mainly cosmetic to be honest and as we’re planning on staying in this one (4 moves in 12 years!) We have the time and enthusiasm.

I’m a little excited and have been creating Pinterest boards for various things such as she sheds, hallway ideas and even utility cupboards !!!

So here’s a little tour of our new home before decorating :

The Entrance


I love the posh mailbox and light !

The front garden


Lots of green space!

The Hallway


Needs doing asap

The front room


This is huge !!!!!

The Diner and kitchen


The Kitchen swayed me ! Love the colour scheme



Tiny and no bath but it's fine



Definitely needs decorating ! THAT wallpaper !

Back garden


So much potential and so big

So there’s the tour ,  lots of packing to do and lots of decorating in the future!

Follow me in this  new journey in life and see what ideas I come up with and how it all turns out x


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