Soundtrack to my years


Browsing Bloglovin’ last night ,  I came across a post by  Life in a Breakdown about a mixtape Direct Line are doing in conjunction with Spotify based on specific dates that mean something to you.

Well, I had to try it, I knew Kajagoogoo had been no 1 when I was born but other dates I had no idea and the results were well …erm… interesting to say the least.

Day I was born

Too Shy – Kajagoogoo

Ah, 80’s sing a long at its crappiest  best . Of course ,  being an 80’s child I have a secret love/fondness but excruciating embarrassment for the music of the time. Less said, the better about this one.

10th Birthday

No limit – 2 unlimited

No, no, no , no, no, no
No,no, no, no
No, no there’s no lyrics

We used to sing to this one …..
Ugh this was no 1 for weeks and everywhere back in the day . My sisters boyfriend used to play in loudly in his bright red peaugot 205 whilst wearing a blue tank vest …… no , just,  no

My 20th

All the things she said – T.a.t.u

Oh my God!  The uproar this song caused due to its video – faux lesbianism ,  school girl fantasy vibe – probably the only reason the song ever made no 1!  Not a favourite

My daughter was born

Like toy soldiers – Eminem

I absolutely adore Eminem,  and I have done since he first appeared in 1998 so I’m glad he’s showed up in this mix . Not one of my favourites but as ever ,  clever lyrics over a good beat. What more could you want ?

My son was born

Closer – ne yo

Probably the least song I’m familiar with here ,  totally not my thing at all .

30 years old

Thrift shop- Macklemore and Lewis

I’m gonna pop some tags only got $20 in my pocket

Love love love this song and the video is hilarious , also was at a time when I would literally spend all my money in charity shops on vintage goods

Lee and Mine s 10th Anniversary

Happy – Pharrell

Seriously,  how can  you not love this song ?! Or Pharrell? !

So there you have it , the official soundtrack to my life – quite an odd mix there but great fun to compile. Try it out for yourself and see what songs you get 😉


2 thoughts on “Soundtrack to my years

  1. Sarah Bailey says:

    Aww yay glad it go some other people trying it out as well – I love your tracks, I did one for when I was born, finishing school, passing my driving test etc as well and it was such a trip down memory lane when it came to the later ones.


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