Fab Launch of Jamberry Nail Wraps in the UK


Hello ,  my names Lorraine and I’m a jamberry nails addict ….

Secretly ,  I want fab looking nails , I just don’t have the patience or time to do so.

Or so I thought

It’s turns out jamberry even suits cack handed me !

I was pretty intrigued at seeing the Facebook post s since February about these new nail wraps launching in the UK in April.

After all I’m always smudging nail varnish, fake nails leave glue trails all over my hands and I end up ripping them off in frustration 😯

As much as I’d love to look “together” I have to admit its not likely to happen.

Anyway,  I kept seeing these posts and offers of free samples – I contacted a few reps who failed to deliver but soon saw that there were local reps who were offering trials so I contacted them.

Anastasia King, my local rep, is fantastic,  I’d already been bitten by the bug as to the range of colours and patterns available and had been playing about making polyvore sets to go with nail wraps I liked – it became rather addictive.


I was so happy when I received my samples – they were easy to apply and actually looked good !!!! And they lasted !!!! Another bonus for me is they don’t smell so my autistic son doesn’t have a meltdown if I wear them.



These were the sample pieces I choose to wear but there were extras of different types and designs.

Jamberry launches on 4th April 2016 and already I have chosen which ones I’m going to buy for April 😉 At £15 a sheet which can do up to two manicures and two pedicures ,  I think it’s a cheap way of getting an indulgent treat – another local rep Fiona Trice who is qualified in beauty is actually offering this as a treatment which I think is a fab unique idea and something I think I may just have to try !


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