#writers challenge day 2 :earliest memory

Memories are funny things , stored in the recessess of our brains until they all of a sudden seep back into our consciousness,  unasked for but ready and waiting.

I have a terrible memory, maybe it’s all the meds – who knows but questions like this completely throw me.  I get brain freeze.

I sometimes think it’d be cool to have that memory font Dumbledore has in harry potter where he removes memories from his head with his wand and places them there in the font for future reference. Yeah … that’d be way cool … but sorry I digress.

So earliest memory? 

I must of been about four as we were living in Russell road at the time and we hadn’t had the hurricane of 87 yet – I know I couldn’t have been any younger because I remember being across the street with my mates … unsupervised.
But at the same time I’m kinda shocked that I would have been that young to do that (another thing to throw at my mother right there for the reason I turned out this way 😉)

Anyway the reason we were across the road was quite exciting,  the police had been called – why?

Well, and this was truly amazing,  we had all just witnessed my best friend from next doors dad fighting (more like wrestling) some other guy . This was odd , I d never seen so much as an argument let alone a proper fight between adults let alone two grown men before. Snarling,  faces curled up in rage and then the complete epic ness of the pair of them losing their footing and ending up in a hedge !

It was quite simply brilliant.

And then there was the added bonus of the police arriving in time to pluck both men from said hedge – funny I can’t remember if either got arrested but I can remember afterwards the policemen trading football cards with all us kids (of which there was quite a group, after all this was entertainment. )

I specifically getting John Barnes and being extremely chuffed.

Anyway ,  there’s my earliest memory … it took a lot of poking around to find that one but I’m glad I did. It made me laugh all over again and relive the whole sight as if it were yesterday.

So ,  can you remember your earliest memory,  how old were you ? Was it funny or sad ? Let me know,  I’d love to hear


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