#30 day writing challenge

New month , new challenge!  I love challenges but never complete them I’m hoping by blogging them I will be more dedicated to the cause … I ve decided to start with the writing challenge. ..

So here’s day one ..


Five Problems with social media

• Intrusive
It’s like you are constantly on call , if someone wants to get hold of you and you’re avoiding them/trying to relax etc they can tell you are on it and then proceed to bombard you with messenger /phonecalls. And don’t get me started on the whole notification s business , yes I know you can switch them off but then when you go on to look – bingo you’re trapped like a rabbit in the headlights… the calls and pms start.

Insecurity –It can make you feel like you have the crappiest life ever as you scroll down a screen of people enjoying themselves on fabulous family days out,  cocktails and parties ,  brunches etc … as you’re sitting there in your pj’s with unbrushed hair.
Maybe it’s just me but everyone seems to be having a great time and I’m not and that just makes me feel even more useless. All my insecurities come flooding out.

• Lack of privacy – now this is a bit of a no brainer,  really only share what you want but with social media it’s like the world and his wife want you to know about their problems. In total contrast to the “life is fabulous crowd” you get the “ranters” and like a particularly bad car crash you can’t help but looking as much as you don’t want to. Plus it does give you the false sense of security to just let it all out to a faceless world then  getting a surprise when you bump into a friend and they ask you about so and so and you’re left thinking “how the hell do you know that?!”

Offensive Pictures– well offensive to me personally and no I’m not talking about your most recent holiday snaps 😉 I’m talking about the whole share this picture of an animal that’s been tortured/this dying child/ this war victim. I’m sorry I don’t want that in my newsfeed. That doesn’t mean I don’t care about these things, it just means I don’t want to see them when I’m trying to relax/be nosy. The worst though has to be the please like to pray ones which I believe are a total scam most of the time. I’m not really religious but I do respect people who are I just don’t like to have their beliefs forced down my throat.

Cyber Bullying – Now, one thing you find on the Internet is a bunch of crazy people … hoards of them. And unfortunately this leads to cyber bullying especially in groups and fandom s. I’m not talking about teenagers either I’m talking about adults , with children and even grandchildren ! It’s alarming to say the least – men turn on women in discussion groups and women offer each other scraps when they disagree on something. Its a scary place . Groups celebrating the love of disney have even fallen subject to it and again things become intrusive. Personal messages , nastiness, name flinging all over the Internet for the world to see. Bullies tend to delight in the almost anonymity of social media where they can act like this and basically get away with it. Keyboard warrior s are born at any time of day and night and the bullying can continue at all hours.
This is such a huge worry and can cause so much damage to its victims, fake profiles are set up , people can not get away from this almost constant harassment. Personally, I ve experienced cyber bullying in two different groups and have been shocked and appalled by what I received but I actually have been let off lightly by some comments I see aimed at people.

Of all the worst things about social media the freedom for cyber bullying has to be the worst.

So, what do you think? Do you agree? Have you experienced any of the above or am I just a poor unfortunate soul?


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