Glam Planning


Personalising my bloggers journal- glam planning style

My latest obsession?  Well somehow, I’ve stumbled into the world of glam planning.  I don’t know how it happened but once I’d heard of it I found myself searching instagram, etsy and even eBay on the subject.

So, what exactly is glam planning ?


Isabelle the Owls stickers added a unique feel

Simply creating a unique planner from a boring plain one by customising your own with stickers and texts that reflect you and your personality.

Now, glam planning isn’t exactly cheap I will admit and what made it more expensive for me was that on etsy the majority of the seller s are based in America so there’s a huge postage and packing charge. This however didn’t stop me ordering for April a mystery glam planning box – two obsessions in one !!!!


Expressing my Vintage and whimsical style

But being frugal I managed to find Isabelle the Owl on etsy and ordered these gorgeous vintage style stickers at a very reasonable price ,  based in the UK and with a huge selection. They arrived lovingly packaged too and within a matter of days so soon enough I was happily customising my planner for April.

Of  course,  I havnt just ordered from isabelle the owl ,  I’m also in suspense for the April mystery box from Stickella Creations and also some very cheap ones from China.  I suppose I should admit my latest obsession has probably cost me £40 in all but £30 of that was the mystery box from America.

These ones I’m showing off cost less than a fiver so I’m happy and so is my wallet!!!

Have you tried glam planning ? What do you think of it ? If you have any recommendations please let me know as I loved the creativity of this and my plain rather boring planner is now looking rather fab x


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