A Message from The Curator


An email from the elusive Curator

Finally an email from the mysterious Curator !

An letter via email in whimsical tone ,  eloquent and old worldly informing me I had been accepted into the mysterious world he dwells in.

Of course I was extremely excited and quickly filled in my login details to enter the halls of the O.S.S – the curators secret society.

Here I found an abundance of options :


*Would I like to take part in an experience ?


There are four experiences to choose from

*Would I like a subscription?



A quarterly newspaper awaits

*Or would I like to purchase any aids for my quest of truth ?

Whilst the experiences look amazing – sadly they were out of my price range at the time starting from $99 upwards and p&p from Canada. …

So I decided to take up a subscription to Curiosities and conundrums as a prelude – just $19.99 per quarter this was a lot more manageable and eased the feeling in the pit of my stomach I would be drawn into something quite unique.

With a mixture of excitement and anticipation I ordered and waited for my first issue to arrive …..


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