The Mysterious Package Company


A journey of mystery and intrigue awaits

I first heard of the mysterious package co quite some time ago when my sister breathlessly told my dad of it. She d read an article in the paper.

Mysterious letters, a wooden crate, curses and artifacts were mentioned … things I love to delve into.

When I decided this year to begin to bring more intrigue and adventures to my daily life – the mysterious package co immediately sprang to mind.

Could this be the adventure I was looking for ?

I Googled it and up came the page … but to get full details I would need to become a free member to access further information. .. curiouser and curiouser… then came the deal breaker … membership wasn’t automatically accepted… I had to answer some questions and fill out a form and wait to see if I was accepted.

Well, I don’t know about you but this just gripped my attention even more …a secret society with only select members?  Of course I wanted to be part of that …actually at this point I may have offered to sell a kidney to get admittance …

Intrigued, I click on the “become a member ” link.

The form itself was curious. .. usual details plus the odd question –
“Can I keep a secret?”
Followed by the even odder
“what’s my blood type? “

I duly filled out the form and waited with bated breath to see if I would get an email from the mysterious Curator approving my membership request.

By this point, I desperately wanted to be accepted.  The chance that I might not actually made me more curious about this whole thing.

And I waited …. and I waited ….. Finally a Message from the Curator


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