Frances Shea – The Truth


Fan made poster for the Documentary

Forget everything you think you “know”.

Written about in books and portrayed in movies for over 50 years – many Kray fans believe that they know what Reggie Kray and his beautiful young wife Frances s marriage was like.

Many believe the mythology surrounding the entire Kray empire that the films tell us – but most recently Legend told us the story from another’s point of view…. that of Frances Shea,  Reggies young wife who tragically killed herself aged 23.

On big screen, director Hedgeland portrayed his belief of what happened with Frances and had her speak as if it was Kray fact.
However, none of Frances family had been contacted when researching this film…..

You can imagine the pain caused to her surviving relatives who finally because of this decided to break their long silence on the entire matter.

Coming Summer 2016 a documentary by Skithead Productions will be released featuring an interview with Frances niece, also named Frances and is simply called Frances Shea – The Truth .

So eager are Kray fans to know what really happened,  the original 18 mins unedited interview was leaked online and received 15,000 hits before YouTube decided to remove it.

Now a full trailer has been released and although currently on YouTube, they are threatening to remove it.

For some reason, the truth about Frances has got somebody very rattled.

Here on Lorraine a life less ordinary I am pleased to say that thanks to Colin Marrison and Sonya Roseman I have been given a copy of the trailer to share – one which won’t be removed .

So, here it is a very emotive, genuine and authentic trailer for the documentary everyone is going to be talking about this summer. Feel free to share and pass it on but please credit myself, Frances and importantly Sonya and Colin x

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