The £10 Challenge – Easter


Let’s face it £10 doesn’t get you much nowadays does it ?!?

Well, I decided to give myself a little challenge today – just how much could I get with £10? And as it’s easter next week and we are in the throes of Easter crafting projects for school I decided this £10 challenge would have a theme : Easter

So, with crafts in mind I headed to The Works , my idea of Heaven – cheap craft products and books all under one roof !!!!

As usual lots of lovely easter goodies ,  but we have to specifically make an easter garden for school this year . Most years we use real flowers to do so but we fancy a change.

So this is what I managed to pick up

*easter chicks in nests
* floral bunny and egg fabric shapes
* paper flowers

Total cost : £3.00

Next Stop – Poundland

I love Poundland,  it’s the only shop I can go in and just buy,buy,buy knowing I won’t break the bank 😉

Now their range of easter stuff really is the best I’ve seen anywhere – so cute and so much choice

Into the basket goes :

* Mini bunnies
*shredded tissue
*assorted foam easter sticker shapes

I also decided in the easter theme to pick up :

* easter crackers
* A mini egg nests pack
*A chocolate bunny

Total cost :£6.00

Last stop Wilkinsons

* more chicks

Total cost :50p

So there ends my Easter Themed  £10 challenge  and the total cost was £9.50

– As you can see from the above photo I got a great range of items for a relatively low price . Everything I needed and more.

So, what do you think of the challenge?  Would you buy lots of little items or one big item ?
Pop along to Lorraine a life less ordinary on Facebook and post me some photos of the goodies you find or tag me on Instagram – don’t forget to use the #£10EasterChallenge! 

I can’t wait to see what you all get xxx


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