My Kent Big Weekend -The Dover Transport Museum


Every year Visit Kent open a ballot to Kent Residents to apply for free tickets to a Kent attraction as part of its Big Weekend.  I ve been lucky in the past three years to get tickets for The Roman Museum , Canterbury,  The Tudor House , Margate and this year, The Dover Transport Museum.

With two tickets allocated to each lucky household it’s a great opportunity to get out for the day and see what the county has to offer.

Dover isn’t far from us at all so after a short 20 mins drive we arrived on an industrial estate where the museum is located. The car park and entrance alone had so much to see and do I wondered if we d actually get in !

First a huge blue steam train called Sir Thomas (apparently named after Thomas A’Beckett but Foo and I thought Thomas the tank) which you could climb the stairs up to and get in,  pretending to be the driver.

A fantastic army jeep was next covered in the Union Flag and poppies which the kids happily posed by as you passed a massive propeller from a hurricane.

Outside the entrance was a multitude of period cars including the Bedford which was one of the volunteers who works there own car which had been refurbished.  He was kind enough to let the Foo who was very excitable already a sit in the drivers seat and pretend to drive !

Next stop was the air raid shelter – my particular favourite , as I kid I was fascinated by my grandmother s stories of being a child in the 2nd world war so seeing one in replica and being able to go in was just amazing !



Finally,  we actually made it inside and after a detour in the gift shop where the kids got some little bits we entered a huge room filled with Vintage cars and made to look like a street from days gone by.

From the morris minor police car to the 1958 firetruck ,  there were vehicles you could sit in like the working man’s wagon equipped with cooking, sleeping and eating space.



The Foo adored the open top bus which still goes out today -I can’t tell you how many times we went up and down those stairs but I think my face says it all in the above picture!


My mother loved it as she remembered not only the items her grandparents used to have but also things from her childhood which she ended up wailing:

nothing like seeing things you used to have in a museum to make you feel  old !!!!”

With lots of exhibits and things for the children to do and see including a massive  railway set the children could activate and a replica of Snargate Street, Dover this was a fascinating and exciting day out.

As we left The Foo was asking to return again and talking of his favourite part being the train St Thomas which of course he had to go on one last time before we left – hilariously when asked what her favourite part was active Girl replied “the gift shop”. Personally I loved it even if I did have to chase a very excited Foo around who just had to look at EVERYTHING and do EVERYTHING but it just goes to show how good it really was.

You can check out The Dover Transport Museum for opening times and prices at their website and I also recommend Visit Kent to see this and all the fantastic other attractions Kent has to offer


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