These Wingz were made to fly !!!

Yes , I am singing Little Mix as I type this – I can’t get it out of my head after finding Wingz.

Basically Wingz are sleeves that give a bolero/shrug type look to an outfit but are much more  comfortable and warmer.

I was so excited to receive mine on Monday, I even threw an impromptu photo shoot by myself. 


I ll be the first to admit I havnt been interested in clothes for a while now since I put on weight but these Wingz reignited my passion and then some.

They’re great to throw on to cover up your bingo wings or scars, dress up an outfit or just to keep the chill off.

And they’re versatile too , wear them with a pair of jeans and a cami top or even over a dress.

Simple, yet elegant and stylish I know these will become a wardrobe staple for me … I used to wear shrugs etc but nowadays it’s hard to find any in the shops or online that are of high quality and actually fit .



Wingz provide that,  the black 3/4 one I’m wearing fitted perfectly and it comes in black, red or white.

There’s a fantastic variety of choice too, long sleeved , lace ones , printed ones even ones that are made of choffon and floaty that do actually look like wings! The size range is excellent too going from a UK size 6 to a 28 so everyone can look and feel fab.

I don’t think I can actually get across how excited these Wingz have made me feel , before they arrived I was like a caterpillar when I put them on I became a butterfly.

Visit Wingz to see the full range yourself ,  I ve got my eye on quite a few pieces myself.

Disclaimer : I received my pair of Wingz in exchange for a fair and honest review. I genuinely love my pair and will be wearing them with everything this spring/summer/autumn/winter !

Check out my FIRST ever video review created especially for Wingz on Instagram – I was very nervous to say the least but I hope it captures my excitement and just how great these are !


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