This game is hilarious and great for some family fun time. My kids want to play this over again and again – with the option to describe , act or draw the results it can be varied ! We found ourselves laughing a lot , especially over the other half’s emotional Hamster which surprisingly the boy guessed!  I would recommend this game to any family for a game ,  it’s random, it bizarre and it’s extremely funny


Firstly,  we divided ourselves into the teams Boys Vs Girls


Active Girl was with me whilst the Foo was with Dad. Both loved the game and were desperate for their teams to win !


Dad chose to draw out his one – An Emotional Hamster of all things !! He drew well but I think The Foo had glanced at the card to be able guess what it is!


Despite a good try at performing her Randomise using her acting skills and my description skills , unfortunately the girls lost to the boys 😯 However, with this game we re definitely on for round two, round three, four , five …….


There are many great reviews for Randomise on Amazon so check them out for yourself as well as follow them on Twitter


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