Frances – You Don’t Own Me

So I ve always been obsessed with the Kray Twins and specifically Reggies relationship with his young wife Frances, who tragically committed suicide aged 23.

The movies make her out to be a victim of bullying from her husband and his twin but conversations with her niece have given me insight into a beautiful vivacious young woman who possessed a great strength yet suffered with depression.

When she wasn’t ill Frances was a very feisty lady who would give as good as she got ” a little firecracker ” she is lovingly refered to by Frances Shea – her niece.

I created this flippagram to honour this side of Frances who not only adored her husband as the pictures show but also chose this classic Dusty Springfield song to honour her independence.

#FrancesKray #FrancesShea #thekraytwins #ReggieKray #RonnieKray #flipagram #DustySpringfield made with @flipagram .



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