World Book Day Costume inspirations


So World Book Day is almost upon us and again it comes to the choice of firstly :

which book and character ?

And then the whole dreaded – make or buy debate ?!?

Actually, I love world book day ,  probably more than the kids  and though I admit I’ve bought in the past due to time restraints,  I’ve also had a blast creating costumes inspired from Pinterest.

Popular choices in out household has to be Roald Dahl or Harry Potter. …


I ll admit I bought the boys oompa loompa costume ,  and he wouldn’t let me paint him orange 😯 But it was absolutely fabulous and I couldn’t have done better .


My daughter one year wanted to be Violet Beauregard ,  though not as when she’s swollen like a blueberry much to my dissapointment ( there are some fantastic ones people have made and I would have done it !) .

That was a very simple costume to put together – a blue woman’s top from primark which was long enough to look like a dress and some thick red satin ribbon to make a simple belt.

With harry potter,  you can just do uniform , add a black cloak ,  round glasses etc….. plus you can buy great house badges from eBay,  even house scarfs.

But my favourite is the prop making for Harry Potter – we made some fancy wizard wands using a straw, paper decorated with beads and patterns made from a hot glue gun then painted them brown . Later when they were dry we added gold detail. Simple , easy to make and effective.


We also created Hogwarts School books by printing  out some excellent Harry Potter printables and covering an A5 hard notebook ….you can even make your own spell book.

Last year my daughter went as Moaning Myrtle ,  minus the toilet seat over the head – world book day is a great opportunity to be as creative as you like and brings a lot more fun to the whole world of reading.
Characters come alive and imaginations can run wild and the possibilities for costume ideas are endless !

You can follow my boards on Pinterest for full creative makes and inspiration!

Picture source : <a href="http://photo credit: Making paper decorations via photopin (license)“>http://photo credit: Making paper decorations via photopin (license)


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