I recently found this excellent blog by the wonderful Chichi Writes on #TheSelfLoveChallenge

For me , this is an intriguing yet daunting challenge.  Plagued with lack of self confidence and depression for most of my life it is difficult most of the time to even name things about myself I even like let alone love.

But the more I read the more I wanted to give it a try and see if I could

The rules of #TheSelfLoveChallenge13 are pretty simple and are as follows:

*Nominate 13 bloggers to complete the challenge.
As i dont personally know 13 bloggers i nominate anyone who reads this post and probably a few friends on Facebook too.

*Write 13 things you love about yourself and don’t feel selfish while doing it! 
Loving yourself is not a selfish act.  It’s important to realise how special you are and helps to build confidence which leads to positive thinking which in turn leads to positive life choices – it’s a win/win situation

* Share the post and tag it with #TheSelfLoveChallenge13.

At first I experienced actual brain freeze , what qualities did I love about myself ? And Why ? Could I manage 3 let alone 13 ?

And so I began a list ….


When I was younger relatives would love me to visit to tell them the latest going s on .. a conversation with me always started with “well then” … as i got older ,  everyday occurrences just seemed to get an extra element to it and I can usually see the funny side of any situation once I’ve got over it . Be it from sitting on the back door step smoking a cigarette and looking up to finding a Chinese man sitting in a tree to being grabbed by an old man screaming “they’re onto us” as a police car whizzes by – I ve always got a story.


From the plantagenet s to the tudors to the supernatural to the strange to the Beatles to oasis to real life murderers to art and craft to travel …. I have a thirst for knowledge and literally will read anything I can on the subject – currently I spend a lot of time scouring the Internet for gothic mansion “porn” which is not actual porn by the way .


Remember that song that went
I’m the kind of guy who laughs at a funeral “ ?
Well, I am the girl that did ….
my nans I’m ashamed to say ….
but it wasn’t my actual fault you see ,
I clocked the vicar had a stutter and the more I tried to ignore it , the more obvious it became …
By the looks on my dad and two sisters faces, they had too so slowly there we were all in the row as our shoulders began shaking in silent laughter like a domino effect. …
And the more I’m trying to hold it together the harder it’s trying to get out , needless to say this uncontrollable burst of hysteria came out and quickly had to be disguised as a sob …. I know , I know,  I’m going straight  to hell


Well,  my children anyway . They say a mother’s love should be unconditional but this was something I never experienced from my own. I felt because she saw me as an extension of herself that my behaviour , my opinions,  everything I was, was subject to scrutiny and I had to get it right in order for love and approval which I never felt I had anyway…. with my own children I’ve never felt an emotion as overwhelming as the love I have for them , they fill me with pride for their personal qualities as well as their successes s.


They say the eyes are the gateway to the soul ,  I think mine are quite pretty .. hazel and framed with naturally long eyelashes .


It’s funny because when I was younger I hated my hair but it truly is the most complimented thing about me.  I have very thick , naturally curly hair and luckily I can literally roll out of bed most morning s and not have to worry about styling.


I suppose you could say I have goldilocks lips – not too big,  not too small – just right.


I am extremely empathetic to other s , probably because of my own life experiences,  this isn’t always for my own good as I’ve been burnt more than once by people who see my kindness as weakness . But I’d rather be someone who can offer a listening ear and a sympathetic word and just maybe make a small difference to someone than someone who only cares about themselves.


Time and again, I ve hit rock bottom ,  there have been periods when I can’t tell you how I managed to put one foot in front of the other let alone got through the day . But somehow ,  I always manage to get back up again.


I am an extremely loyal person much to my own detriment sometimes ,  I won’t see anyone I love or care about be put down and I will speak up for them and usually get myself in trouble and still be disliked when the drama has all died down afterwards.


11. My creativity


I find being creative soothes me and I love doing themed birthday parties for the kids in which I make all the invitations and party bit s – I love making vintage style notebooks and bookmark s and have so many boards and pins on Pinterest full of ideas I am desperate to try.


When I’m into something,  I’m full blown into into it be it the latest season of American Horror Story or a book I’ve read. I have to tell everybody and anybody about it and I feel myself truly become alive and animated ,  my eyes sparkling with joy as I try to explain.


I forgive easily but I don’t forget,  holding onto negativity and bitterness only affects you and makes you unhappy so I do let it go and forgive but I learn my lesson and make sure I don’t make the same mistake again.

Surprisingly,  once I had managed to think of with difficulty 10 I took a break for a bit and  found myself soon thinking of tons more … I won’t quite go as far as saying I can list 20 things I love … I’m not quite there yet but I reckon I could have stretched this to 15.

What compiling this list taught me is not only do I have things loveable about me in Mind,Body and Spirit ….but I’m unique …there is and never will be anybody quite like me .

photo credit: [موت الورد ..والحب] via photopin (license)

To check out the fabulous Chichi Writes : http://chichi-writes.blogspot.co.uk/2016/02/theselflovechallenge13.html?m=1


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