Not so scummy mummy

* well, for an hour or two at least


“You have to work to look this good ”

Er, no actually with the ignorance of youth the pre-children me  thought I’d never let myself go. And it would never happen to me. I’m naturally pretty , I have a good sense of style so ….what happened? 


I am the product of 11 years of sleepless nights ……

I am the product of having a child with additional needs ……

I don’t have time to focus on my looks when I’m busy caring for others. ..

My daily routine involves chucking on whatever I’ve left on the bedroom floor ,  trying to remember to put on deodorant and brush my hair and teeth

In just over a decade I’ve gone from Borderline anorexic to obese.

High heels have been swapped for trainers and I ve broken my own judgement of “fat people shouldn’t wear leggings ” – well sorry pre child Lorraine “I’m fat and I do ”

And there’s a bloody good reason ..  its called comfort!

Every day I have a new gray hair pop up and I can tell you exactly what family filled fun event caused it and why as I pluck it out with tweezers in my latest vain attempt to not get any worse.

But it gets to a point where you realise fat people are fatter than you , tramps are better dressed than you , teenagers have clearer skin than you and stray cats have started following you home (true story)

So this week I ve kinda made an effort

#MustWearABra has been my mantra this morning  especially as I had a ladies pamper morning booked at a local children’s centre – I chose the prettiest one I could find …and also remembered why I stopped wearing one in the first place 😉

It’s sounds rather indulgent that I had three treatments booked , an eyebrow tidy , a mini facial and a back massage. ..but it was the local college students and it was three treatment s for £6.00. An hour of pure bliss. An hour of me time.

I went in there a scummy mummy and came out feeling almost human


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