In January 2015 ,  I managed to tear my hamstring by climbing the leaning tower of pisa of all things !

So , in the many months it took to heal ,  I learnt a great deal about muscle pain and how to relieve it.

Now winter’s returned so has my aching limbs and I don’t want to rely on pills to ease the pain.


So you can imagine I jumped at the chance to trial this new pain relief topical cream from Systems4Health called Reliefor

Its claims are impressive as you can see :


Now , whilst I was eager to try this I was also dubious having had experience s with other leading brands which I found less pleasant than they claim.

But RELIEFOR was a pleasant surprise ,  instead of an overwhelming odour which cloys onto your skin and clothes and basically everything you touch, it has a light menthol smell that doesn’t intrude. First Big Tick .

Secondly, was the thinness of the cream ,  it felt more like a lotion than a medicinal cream and was non greasy yet absorbant – I swear I could feel it actually penetrating my skin upon application .

Thirdly, it actually works !!!!! Within five minutes from applying the pain had eased and I was no longer hobbling about like a lady of 95  …..

Now I tried RELIEFOR at various times , times I knew my muscles would start hurting – on the school run , at bedtime and also when I had pain and needed relief.
Each time the results were the same


This has actually restored my faith in topical muscle and joint creams ….which i had tended to use as an emergency option before but with this product which addresses everything I personally had problems with when using other brands .

So , in all I’d definitely recommend this product to anyone suffering.

You can find out more by using finding RELIEFOR on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus #RELIEFSTARTSHERE

Disclaimer : I received this product for free in exchange for a completely honest and unbiased review

If you wish to buy and try Reliefor for yourself or view Systems4Health s other products you can do so here :


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