The curse of February the 3rd

For most people it’s Friday the 13th ….
Well I’m not most people and yesterday I realised something thanks to Facebook memories …February the 3rd is my nemesis!

Every year on the 3rd something kicks off and complete pandemonium occurs ….first trilby gate ….then book gate ….I actually thought I’d beaten it this year but the world’s time zones had it in for me ….and threw my way crossword gate !

Of course none of these were as simple as they sound … trilby gate was in fact  a parent govener who decided to interfere with the raffle I had successfully run for the school pta for numerous years by implying it was illegal. … he wore a trilby and a pony tail – I called him something that was akin to the “Cat in the hat” if you were to replace the “C” with “tw” on Facebook, so full of rage was I yet wanting to keep him anonymous and well it got printed off and shown to the head and I got in trouble …. long story short I resigned from the pta telling them to stuff their raffle … and well it’s never been the same since . P.s just to clarify matters the raffle was never illegal,  he was just an interfering git who wanted to look good …..

Book gate was last year and was where my daughter was deliberately smacked at school by another girl with a book ,  who then tried to say my daughter was bullying her. Seeing as I had had my daughter crying for the six said months about this particular girl being mean and I had literally been down the whole
” you used to be friends what’s happened?” route after this event i put a status on Facebook saying about what had happened and how angry I was .
Unfortunately,  the mother ,  who currently has 8 kids by 5 different father’s Btw,  happened to be on my friends list and kinda kicked off – my rather childish I ll admit response was to post this fantastic supernatural meme and then after a few days unfriend her when I was sure she had seen it :


Again ,  I ended up in the heads office for that one 😯 I swear I was never in the heads office when I actually went to school now I’m a parent I feel like it’s my second home 😉

But crossword gate is something else entirely and of course not just about a crossword …… it s about a bunch of grown women who scheme and manipulate and steal other peoples ideas for their own Facebook group then lie and think you are as stupid as them ….. In fact the crossword had nothing to do with me I was trying to mediate and be polite ….and what did I get for my troubles ?
A rather interesting character assassination via pm and is quote
”  You are all very conceited to think that the ****(gives a crap about what you do and your “higher theories” about the books. Do you realize today all started because of one YOU had a complete hissy-fit over a crossword puzzle?! Which has absolutely nothing to do with either group.  These groups are supposed to be for the fans, by the fans. You ladies are not superior in any way, shape, or form.  and what is this bullshit about “exposing our intentions towards the entire core fan groups” ?  ****** is a fun group, unlike your groups that have certain rules that the members must adhere too. Ours is more general. We have it out for no one. This is a HOBBY. we do this out of the kindness of our hearts, and for the love of our books. You all need to get your heads out of your asses and look in the dam mirror. WE are NOT the ones causing trouble. YOU ARE. This is not the first time YOU have made something stupid into something MAJOR and I do not appreciate a) being brought into this for NO REASON bc my group did nothing wrong and b) being called out in a PM bc you’re too self absorbed to know who is in your dam chat. Get over yourselves.  We are perfectly fine with cutting ties. Clearly we cannot work together, and I’d rather not have ₩ name dragged through the mud after all the hard work we do to keep it going and interesting for the FANS because thats what this is for. You have all lost perspective ; i suggest finding new hobbies offline.”

I wasn’t going  to post this whole message but as it’s one of many received when ignored and it’s a great example of the chaos February the 3rd brings … of course that message was just the tip of the iceberg and I ve ignored it because I’m slowly learning. ….

And I think I’m recognising a pattern here …. really I need to stay away from Facebook especially on February the third 😉


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