Disney Magic in the High Street

Need a little sprinkle of disney magic in your life ? Can’t afford to go there yet ?

Well my lovlies ,  all you really need is some faith, some trust and …..a high street near you !

Today I indulged my Disnerd fix and “why can’t I go to the disneyland paris sales? !” blues by going to town and I came home with some great goodies !!!

When it comes to Disney,  the two P s are the best …  Poundland and Primark


Poundland at the moment has a vast assortment of disney beauty products and not just for little girls either. 


Vintage Minnie makeup cases, compact mirrors and emery boards are stacked alongside sketchbook tinker bell eyemasks ,  perfume rollers , with some fabulous cartoon disney Little Mermaid nail art stickers. Other princesses include Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella and each range has most of what I ve mentioned above.


But the greatest find is the disney tote bags they are currently stocking : Aurora, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, TinkerBell and my personal favourite,  Belle !


At these prices too you’d be mad to miss out – you could buy all five for less than a normal tote 😉

Primark,  is another great place to get disney items ,  and I strongly recommend you go to your nearest store rather than rely on eBay where I’ve seen primark disney stuff selling for 2x 3x the price !!!!!!!

They ve just release their Alice in Wonderland range starting from £3.00 for this gorgeous coin purse , 

T shirt  s are £6.00 and the most you ll pay for a bag is £9.00

My daughter s obsessed with Star Wars,  disney s newest acquisition and these stormtrooper pumps were a bargain at £8.00.

I must admit my local primark is small so they ve only just got in the Snow White Pajamas! !!!! But at £10.00 I had to have Grumpy.

They also have stocked some great Mickey Hoodies and adorable Bambi ones where the larger city store near me had so many disney inspired t shirts it’s unreal !

So my advice to you if you need a little sprinkle of pixie dust in your life ….head on down to the high street,  it’s amazing what magic you can find

To keep up to date with my latest buys you can follow me on Instagram or you can follow Disney Products UK to see what products are now available 


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