Little things mean a lot


You know those memory jars on pinterest?  The ones where you write down all the good things that  happen to you over the year then read on New Years Eve ?

I love that idea, but as with most of pinterest ideas I love them, I pin them and I never do…..

I’m a terrible procrastinator , and a perfectionist – I think that the finished jar should be full of wonderful, amazing experience s and life when you suffer with depression especially isnt like that.

I even couldn’t stay committed to the #100daysofhappiness but I read somewhere that if you wrote down a positive thing that happened in your day/week/month etc you would start to feel better.

Of course,  I aimed too big at first and failed …..a monthly Facebook status of all the good things that had happened to me .

With my medicated mind , I d forgotten most things by months end and had given up by June having started in the January.

But as I say to the kids “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again “.


So this year I’ve changed the format and started again. Each day I make a note of something positive that happened that day , even if it’s something little like watching a TV programme I enjoy , I have lowered my expectations, found positives on days I would have normally written off , surprisingly found more than one positive on some days and most IMPORTANTLY didn’t give up when I forgot to note down one days positive.

Its now the end of January and I have 29 out of 31 positive s noted … I’m surprised and pleased at myself .

Its actually been a difficult month , my mood has been all over the place and I’ve felt low most days but still I feel I’ve managed to achieve something. 

So here’s my list of positive s


1. Phone call from Frances Shea

2. Instagram Favourited and commented on by Will Kemp

3.Felt totally relaxed and positive

4.Shopping Spree

5. Subscribed to Nerdblock


6. Admired the view from The Leas

7. watched AHS finale week before uk

8.a tweet from a fan saying how good AS is


9. Email from the producer of MSA thanking me and my team for our artwork promotion

10. Catching up with MSA tweets
and opinions

11. Ryan so good at cleft clinic and nothing needs to be done for 18 months

12. Realised v c andrews niece is a member of AtticSecrets


13. Having a tweet from pocket books about our fan art for MSA

14.lee liked his presents for his birthday


16. published my first review blog

17. was sent a gorgeous picture of my niece  Miela.

18 . managed to do three jobs when I felt like none


19.played a great game of ruckus with ryan


20. wrote a great blog on frances Shea which is booming online

21. Despite anxiety went home for the window man

22. Anais and Ryan received certificate s at school for Tiger Troops and Art respectively

23. Spoke up for myself despite a negative situation.

24. Reviewed a book platform app


25 . My discussion group Attic Secrets turned one


26.  Went to mudpie pottery and was creative.


28. offered to be bought a cup of tea in the cafe

29 .anais passed her bikeability


30 .Girls shopping and show in Canterbury with Anais and Mum

31 . Ryan was very loving and gave lots of hugs


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