Who said flowers couldn’t thrive in a dusty airless attic?

Yesterday saw the 1st anniversary of the group  i co founded with my bourbon laced tea drinking virtual partner in crime ,  Neisha Chetty.


AtticSecrets is our Virginia Andrews based discussion group,  anyone who knows me ,  knows of my obsession with Flowers in the Attic.  A story of four beautiful children locked away from the world by their mother so she can inherit a fortune.


What started as an online conversation,  sharing theories and ideas became after a lot of (loving ) nagging from neisha a group.


I had no idea on how successful it would be,  I had no idea even how to create a group and after a lot of procrastination I finally got it together.


You see, I had a set vision that before sharing it with the world it needed to be perfect, it s wall needed to be filled with theory, debate and beautiful art and it’s albums needed to be filled with images.

If I’d waited for that to happen ,  I’d still be waiting now ……

Biting the bullet and setting it up a year later , we have almost five hundred members from all over the world – quite a feat for a group i suspected would possibly attract five.


And our members are  the greatest,  they inspire me to do more for the group,  we talk , discuss, disagree,  agree, create, debate and research.

The group has opened a whole new world to me , and I ve changed so much,  I’ve found a place where I can feel comfortable,  a place I can voice my opinions without fear of ridicule and I hope it’s the same for the members.

For someone with no technical knowledge,  in just a year I ve created the group , launched a blog , a twitter account and a tumblr all for AtticSecrets. …….

I ve produced timelines for the Complete VCA website – any self respecting Virginia Andrews fans online bible.

Interviewed the ghostwriter,  Andrew Neiderman,  countless times including co hosting a live chat online .


Spoken with the delightful Christopher Bentivegna,  director of the world premiere of FITA The Stage Play in New Orleans , been given exclusive interviews with the cast and crew and countless photo exclusive s


Been followed and tweeted by the lifetime movie stars of the movie adaptations and most recently been asked to help with promotion for the My Sweet Audrina movie ,  resulting in an email from Executive Producer Dan Angel congratulating the AtticSecrets team on their artwork.

Over the year the fandom has come together to celebrate the legacy of the author , the love of the books and to share their own talent and I’m proud to say that AtticSecrets was part of this – merging already highly successful fan sites with fresh new ideas .

What I suppose I’m trying to say is on this anniversary,  I ve realised a lot – a year and two days ago AtticSecrets was a dream. Today it’s a success.



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