D I Y Book Platform


Everyone has a book inside of them – but it doesn’t do any good until you pry it out. – Jodi Picoult

But what to do once you’ve written your book and are looking for a publisher ?


If you are a new author, looking for literacy representation , a publisher or creating a  promotional storm-  a brand new app helps to guide you through the process in a seamless, easy task.

DIY Book Platform was designed by successful publisher Stephanie Barko for up and coming authors who found professional charges too expensive.

Its aims are impressive, the finished product promises to :

* serve as a book marketing guide for debut authors

*provide a marketing plan to publishers who offer very little or no marketing support

* Help attract literacy agents when included with your book proposal

As a writer myself, and in dire need for help with these areas ,  I found the app to be of genuine use to me professionally.

The app itself is attractive and of simple layout – guiding you through 49 questions regarding your book which is divided into eight sections comprising :


As well as offering  DIY notes ,  this app not only makes you really think about your book but things you hadn’t even considered when it comes to marketing and promotion.

It offers links to publishers you can contact as well as media outlets and ideas on social media marketing.

What it revealed to me is what I really needed to do was research and identify my target market and the areas I needed to explore further, such as special audience s .

It gave me inspiration on how to make my pitch to a publisher stand out from other books.


DIY Book Platform  is simple to use and can give a comprehensive guide to your book and strategies you need to employ in order to achieve the best chance at being published.

The end result of the app is a pdf document entailing all the necessary elements required … you can print it out and use it for a professional pitch which will stand out from the rest.

I would definitely recommend this to my independent author friends as a way to break into the mainstream and any aspiring debut authors who really need help with attracting literacy agents and publishers.

The app is available to buy on http://www.diybookplatform.com for $99

You can check it out for yourself via


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