Mystery Boxes

My latest obsession is scouring the Internet for mystery boxes – ever since a friend mentioned she had a glossy box subscription I’ve been intrigued,  and feel the need to have one if not all I’ve ever clapped eyes on in my life.

Imagine,  it’s like your birthday /Christmas rolled into one – once a month and you never know what you ‘ll receive !!!

So here’s a round of the best mystery boxes I ve found on the Web,  the ones I would consider subscribing to or already have 😉

Glossy Box


The one that started it all in terms of my obsession – personally recommended by a friend who raved about the five products worth £44 she received once a month for the very reasonable price of £10 plus p&p.

Personally,  I adore the packaging, it’s classy and elegant and looks a joy to open.

The products themselves are all rated 4 or 5 stars and come in shades and tones you’d actually use rather than donate to charity.

This is definitely on my list of boxes to subscribe to and I know a few people who’d adore to receive one as a gift. My sister, in particular, who’s a beautician and is an advocate of the latest top brands.

The subscription service as I’ve previously mentioned starts from £10.00 a month though longer subscription s actually work out better value for money.

Check out these fabulous boxes at

Not so Shabby Chic Treat Box


This one was love at first site for me – a box full of gorgeous shabby chic goodies that you’ d be delighted to receive as a gift !

And even better ,  as well as monthly subscription boxes starting from £12 containing anything from home accessories to Stationary to Jewellery to chocolate, which is changed each month to keep the surprise fresh – you can also buy these as a one off before you decide to subscribe for £12.95 !


This is actually top of my list for my birthday next month but I need to get my order in quick as they are strictly limited to 400 per month.

Take a peek and dream at

Lucky Dip Club


With a quirky , vintage style and showcasing the handmade creations of designers internationally – the lucky dip club absolutely gives off a cool, kitsch and exciting vibe.

On the 1st of each month a new box and a new theme is launched and if you are a subscriber it includes a personalised item !

From Donut Diner to Kitchen Kitsch,  subscribers rave about their mystery boxes uploading over 8,000 photos of their boxes at last count !

Containing various items such as  handmade jewellery, homewares, fun stationery, pretty paper goods and easy peasy DIY craft kits, you never know what you ll receive

In fact,  these are so popular January’s have sold out which they often do within hours but don’t fret – orders reopen on the 1st February at 7 am!
And it’s FREE UK delivery 😀

So, what are you waiting for ? !? Get your roller skates on and check out

Crafty Creatives


Of all the boxes I ve seen online these have to be the ones that I would literally sell my soul for.

Luckily I don’t have to because boxes start from £10 a month 😉

There are three to choose from :


Paperhaul – containing postcards, washi tape, stickers and much more

Crafty Creatives – an all inclusive craft project once a month



Beadhaul – Themed boxes full of beads, charms and pendants

Content s are top secret but peeking on instagram reveals some amazing creations using these boxes such as Christmas wreaths and Babushka dolls.

I’ve not seen such an innovative idea such as this before and my creative side is desperate to sign up for the Crafty Creatives box, like many i suspect.

Subscribe here at :

Candy Chaos


A one off buy any time mystery sweet box containing surprise sweets and candy from all over the world.

This is one my kids would love to do an epic unboxing for our family Facebook and Tumblr Blogs TeamMadPaine but also one that I’d love to try having a sweet tooth myself.

The appeal of this box is obvious,  sweets ,  international sweets !!! I mean who hasn’t come back off of holiday with foreign sweets? There’s just something so cool trying products not readily available in the UK. 

We’re talking Twinkies and Hershy bars ….. I’m drooling at the thought

And again you don’t have to subscribe monthly , prices start from  £12.99 for a small box containing 5-7 items !




Now this one I have subscribed to as my household absolutely adore anything marvel ,  Batman,  Harry Potter, etc and each month Nerdblock bring you a mystery box filled with themed items . These boxes contain t-shirt s,  action figures ,  notebooks, art ,  key rings … the list is endless and they offer various packages from Classic to horror to Jnr .
Plus each month they tease you with revealing what the themes will be but not the  items.
For example January s block contained Harry Potter , Lord of the Rings  and Game of Thrones.
February is Deadpool, Batman and Mario and I can’t wait !!!!


Find out more at
And keep your eyes peeled for my full review on January s box

So that’s my listing of the coolest mystery boxes to be found on the Web and the ones I would personally go for. Hopefully,  throughout the year I will be able to subscribe and give you all and honest review on what these mystery boxes are really like


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