My first foray into the world of mystery boxes has been a very good one courtesy of Diversions UK.


Looking for a present for the other half’s birthday and wanting to try out these mystery boxes,  I was struggling to find one that a) you didn’t need to buy a subscription for and  b) was based in the UK and could deliver quickly.

Surprisingly,  I found the answer on  Ebay courtesy of Diversions. I ‘ ll be totally honest ,  the picture of the item wasn’t overall appealing ,  a poster advertising it’s website which when typed actually didn’t work 😯

But the product description of a box of seven mystery items containing a first edition star wars pop vinyl figure and t-shirt was intriguing.  And the price with delivery at  £21.98 was reasonable.

I decided to check them out and I’m  glad I did ! Finding the online shop courtesy of the Depop app I found out it was genuine and stocked a fantastic range of pop culture items from Dr Who, the walking dead, American horror Story – in fact I joined Depop just to heart all the items I want – my favourite past time😉

So I ordered and waited and wow!  amazingly fast delivery,  it took three days ….big tick in my book.

Of course I couldn’t wait until my other half s actual birthday and the parcel was addressed to me …so just a tiny peek !!!

The brown box in front of me had Diversions brilliant logo – I mean just look at it ! I’m not a geek and I’m geeking out !

Batman, Marvel, Dr Who – this is a cool logo – top marks there!

I was beyond excited then slightly deflated .

The packing addressed to me was the mystery box ,  meaning that if I was to give this as a gift then I’d have to source another box to put the stuff in – a mystery box which was just a cardboard box cut down to size – not very attractive to be honest ,  I would have paid more for packaging for a separate box wrapped up.  But this was literally the only negative.


The mystery box itself contained as promised 7 items .

* A First Edition Pop Vinyl Snow   Trooper from Star Wars

* A Rocket Raccoon mini figure

* A cool cocktail card with recipe for a bloody Mary

* A key chain of a car illustrated like one of those old car manual pictures

* A  Penguin Classics luggage label

* A set of eight Star Wars coasters worth £5.99

And finally

* A funny Star Wars t-shirt with chewbacca and a storm troopers heads imposed on a couple hugging



I was impressed ,  each item was of top quality and  more importantly,  I knew the other half who is notoriously difficult to buy for would actually love this gift. Especially the t-shirt.

Even my two children who got a peek were eyeing up the contents with stars in their eyes.

Overall, this mystery box from Diversions was a fantastic buy, top quality , decent price and I would definitely recommend them (actually i already have ) and buy items from them again.

So if you are based in the UK and want a one off mystery package , a unique gift and you know someone who d love the surprise element then you can’t go wrong with these guys.

If it wasn’t for the few minor details and believe me compared to it overall they are minor ,  these would definitely get a 5 star rating from me. However,  with the blips in mind they get a very happy and deserved 4

You can check out Diversions for yourself on Depop and also Facebook
as well as keep up to date with them on twitter.



2 thoughts on “Diversions

  1. Gareth hughes says:

    Many thanks for your kind review, I do intend to provide posher boxes on future contraband boxes and take on board your comments re having to repackage. As a smal, independant retailer we were dipping our toe into the geek box crate market and want to offer themed boxes that you don’t have to subscribe to and in fact can even walk through the shop door and purchase. The weblink was a school boy error of mine as we closed out bricks and mortar site down as eBay and depop were probing way more successful
    We intend to do many different theme boxes in 2016 and anyone wanting to purchase one can either at our eBay shop if you look for the user fowler1969 or on http://www.depop.com/en-gb/diversions
    Thanks again Lorraine for mentioning this little Huddersfield shops wares !


    • atticsecrets1979 says:

      I’m glad you ve enjoyed the review and I hope you continue to offer this service as it is great to be able to buy without subscription 😁 I ve added photos on my instagram with links to you on Depop which are gathering a lot of interest,now I know where to find you I’ll definitely be back – it’s been a great hit in my household x


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