A Life Less Ordinary

Friends tell me my life seems like an episode of eastenders as I breathlessly rushed through what’s happened in my life since I last saw them…true it can seem like that sometimes.

But the truth is I have a more exciting virtual life than I do a real life.

In real life I’m just Lorraine, mum of two, the medicated Mum let’s say,who often thinks she s doing this parenting lark wrong . I’m not the type of mum in the playground surrounded by a gang of yummy mummies and I’m certainly not the type of mum who gets invited for coffee in the local cafe. However, I’m no Mary Poppins type of mother either.

I’m the outsider with insider knowledge let’s say😉 it’s all in the hair you know ,  I have gloriously thick hair and most people’s Secrets are hidden there.

But I find daily life boring ,  constantly exhausted and I’m like belle in beauty and the beast constantly wishing for adventure somewhere  …..

My Internet life is pretty cool though ,  I run a successful Virginia Andrews discussion group and blog ,  have two twitter account s and five tumblr s plus my instagram. I’m up until 3am in the morning talking to directors of stage plays based in New Orleans, conducting live interviews online with million selling authors in America . Heck I even have a lovely friendship with Reggie Krays niece by marriage.  Certainly not an ordinary life. But then again it is . I’m nothing more than a housewife.

You see i get my obsession s and with that ,  comes the need for  possessions
I look for mystery and intrigue whenever I can.

And this is what this blogs about …. there ll be review s of products that took my fancy and I bought. Trips I’ve taken , my manic family life , things I want , my dreams and desires and any little other ramblings I decide to share.

So sit back , relax and I hope you ll enjoy the journey with me x


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